Life has been ‘highlighted’ by family events including my husband’s death, the return of my oldest son’s cancer, my grandson and his significant other moving close, embracing my daughter-in-law and her twins, and welcoming my oldest son’s girlfriend into my heart.

I’m still writing because that’s who and what I am. For several years Vella Munn stepped into the shadows while I concentrated on erotic romances under a pen name. That sexy writer has retired. I’m back to my roots, specifically contemporary and historical romances, at least three of them with more than a touch of the paranormal.

I’m the proud literary parent of several series.

  1. The Soul Searchers Native American historical romance series. There are four books in this series, so named because the Blackfeet, Cheyenne, Hopi, and Navajo are determined to honor their heritage while dealing with change.
  2. I started this historical journey by publishing the Soul Survivors series. I did a ton of research while writing a total of eight books about tribes and am so glad I did. It was a journey of the heart for me.
  3. The Primal Justice three-book romantic suspense/thriller series. Truth is, I’m not sure whether they’re primarily romantic suspense or thriller. What I do know is I was determined to give life to characters and several wo-wo dogs that will do whatever is necessary to make animal abusers pay for their crimes.
  4. Gold Camp Dreams. Two linked books about the brave people determined to live and prosper in a remote gold town. I grew up in part in a logging town (population 121) that came into being during California’s gold rush.
  5. These days I’m writing a contemporary romance series that revolves around a ghost town that happens to have some real ghosts in it. Having a blast with this lighthearted series.

My grandfather, Homer Eon Flindt (Flint) was a writer. I feel blessed because I have custody of his published work and worked with a publisher who got the collection back in print as The 26th Golden Age of Science Fiction MEGAPACK ®: Homer Eon Flint Kindle Edition.

Sadly, Grandpa was murdered when my mother was six. I wrote and published his biography, calling it Grandfather Lost.