Montana Heartbeat

An American Historical Romance

Montana, 1880

Strangers have destroyed his people’s way of life.

He should resent, even hate the young woman who represents the change.

But the heart speaks its own language.

Strong Eagle, a Crow brave, has no choice but to accept that newcomers have seized his people’s ancient lands. He has decided to carve out a life that will allow him to guide his younger brother to manhood without interacting with those he considers the enemy.

Carrie Berryman has vowed to help her parents and brother wrestle a living from raising cattle in the harsh climate. Much of the physical and emotional burden falls on her slender shoulders.

When a somber, handsome stranger rescues her, she begins to see the Indian, not as a savage, but as a competent, intelligent man.

Despite the appeal, both fight the unwanted attraction.

 Montana Heartbeat is more than a straight historic romance. It offers an intimate look at two people from different worlds during a time of change and turmoil.