The River's Daughter

Book 4: Soul Survivors Series

They have every reason to hate each other.

 But can they deny what lives deep in their hearts?

To pioneering settlers, Oregon is the ‘promised land.” To the Rogue Indians, it is home. War rages between the two very different people.

Dark Water is the keeper of her tribe’s history. Pregnant, she searches for her missing husband. When she finds him dead, murdered by whites, hatred consumes her. Then her labor pains begin.

Barr Conner, a loner, has been hired to protect the local miners. Once enslaved by the Rogues, he knows how they think, and despises them. But when he comes across Dark Water in labor, he can’t walk away. Or ignore her grief when the child is stillborn.

The divided worlds in which Dark Water and Barr live forbid what is starting to grow between them. They fight for survival, fight to reconcile their pasts, their different beliefs, and ways of life. They can’t be falling in love!