Seminole Song

Book 1: Soul Survivors Series

Two vastly different worlds.
A common goal—survival.

What is freedom’s price? Caldia, a desperate escaped slave, has no choice. If she’s to live, she must hide from her brutal owner in the dangerous Everglades. And to depend on the wild Seminole warrior who is the only one standing between her and a nightmare existence.

In contrast, Panther, War Chief of a small Seminole Indian band, sees the wilderness as home and protector. He’ll choose death over being forced to leave his ancestral lands.

The two strangers have a common foe. Reddin, who owns the plantation where Caldia has been forced to live, will do everything he can to control and silence his beautiful half-black slave. His hatred of Panther runs so deep he enlists the military to hunt down the savage.

By day, Caldia and Panther hide from deadly forces. By night, they struggle to deny their growing love for each other.