Soul of the Sacred Earth

Book 1: Soul Searchers Series

Soul of the Sacred Earth by Vella Munn

If you like the passionate historical western romances of Rosanne Bittner, you’ll love the Soul Searchers series by Vella Munn!

“Soul of the Sacred Earth is a compelling read!” —Historical Novels Review

Morning Butterfly and the Hopi have always been a peaceful people, living in harmony with the land and the other tribes who call the West their home. When Spanish invaders descend with a plan to subdue and then enslave the Hopi, she fears their cherished way of life is in peril. Knowing her people won’t rebel, she turns to a most unlikely ally in Cougar, a Navaho brave whose quiet strength and unflinching courage stir her heart.

Cougar is proud of his people’s abilities as warriors and has never been concerned about the Hopi, but in their looming destruction he sees the fate of his own people, one he is desperate to avoid. Repelled by the Spanish atrocities and drawn to the beautiful Morning Butterfly and her unspoken sensual promises, he knows they must overcome their tribes’ differences to fight a much more sinister foe.

As the Spanish captain becomes more sadistic by the day and a misguided missionary’s zeal to convert the Hopi and save their souls reaches a feverish pitch, Morning Butterfly and Cougar form an unbreakable and everlasting bond in a desperate struggle to save their people—and their hearts.