Soul of the Sacred Earth

Book 4: Soul Searchers Series

Hopi maiden Morning Butterfly longs for the days of innocence before Spanish soldiers and a single-minded priest arrive determined to seize sacred land and ‘civilize’ its people. Despite their vastly different lifestyles, Morning Butterfly and the courageous Navajo brave Cougar realize their survival depends on the two tribes working in harmony to survive. In the looming destruction of the Hopi who are known as the Peaceful Ones, Cougar sees the fate of his own people, one he is desperate to avoid. Morning Butterfly touches him in ways he never imagined.

Morning Butterfly’s fears are deeply personal. Her beloved sister has become Captain Lopez de Leiva’s unwilling mistress. She doesn’t understand what drives the captain’s determination to seek riches and doesn’t want to look beneath his hard surface to the man’s conflicted heart. Cougar feels the same way about Fray Angelico. Why can’t the brown-clad zealot let Navajo and Hopi continue to believe and revere tradition as they always have?

Four vastly different cultures, two Native American tribes, Spanish explorers, and a Catholic priest clash in a complex battle for souls and sacred land.