Daughter of the Forest

Book 4: Soul Searchers Series

Daughter of the Forest by Vella Munn

In an act of vengeance against the tribe that killed his father, Madsaw, a proud and fearless war chief, must kidnap the killer’s beautiful daughter Twana. He is prepared for the bravery it will take to execute her abduction, and for the difficulties of making her his slave. What he isn’t prepared for are the feelings she stirs in him with her powerful inner strength and quiet sensuality.

Twana is a stunning maiden and highly valued for her visions and ability to commune with animals. While she has fought to overcome her fears of her kidnapper and his tribe, she soon discovers that her real struggle is hiding her attraction to her strong and compelling captor. And when members of his tribe grow to fear her powers and label her a witch, she finds herself irresistibly drawn to Madsaw’s strength and honor as he comes to her defense.

Madsaw knows that to love a slave violates tribal law, and Twana knows that to submit to a captor is to bring shame on oneself, but when their growing attraction bursts into undeniable passion, will they defy their own tribes and traditions to find true happiness?