Daughter of the Forest

Book 3: Soul Searchers Series

The forests of the Pacific Northwest are lands of mist and rain, of towering trees and salmon-choked rivers. Where forest approaches sea, there live the Tillamook and Nisqually, two tribes tied to each other by hatred.

Madsaw, war chief of the Tillamook, kidnaps Twana, step-daughter of the Nisqually shaman. Though their people are enemies and to love a slave violates tribal law, Madsaw finds comfort and desire in his captive’s arms.

Madsaw hides his grief and anger over the murder of his first wife. Twana’s burden is even heavier because her spirit touches all forest creatures including the powerful grizzly who stalks the Tillamook village. Everyone who knows of her power fears her.

United by a love stronger than any fear, Twana and Madsaw are determined to find peace and happiness no matter what perils they must face.