Book 3: Seasons Heartbeat

A woman haunted by her near death experience. A man determined to salvage his career.

Last summer while fighting a wildfire, Forest Ranger Echo Rose nearly lost her life. Her surgically-repaired ankle limits her movements and has given her PTSD, but she vows to concentrate on safeguarding the area around Lake Serene, Montana during summer’s extreme fire danger.  

Rey Bowen had a successful construction company until he took on a short-term partner. The man drove Rey’s company into bankruptcy. Rey is determined to rebuild his reputation, starting with overseeing renovations at the resort. He refuses to admit how much the bankruptcy underminded his self-esteem, especially not to the lovely young forest ranger.

Rey is frustrated with Echo’s insistence on what he considers bureaucratic interference when it comes to fire prevention. Then she takes him to where fire destroyed thousands of trees. She details the physical aspects of her accident but says nothing of the emotional impact.

Still, aided by the wilderness and time in each other’s arms, they confess how much their respective traumas still impact them, then mutually draw back. They won’t have any more deep conversations. They’ll simply enjoy their time together.

They won’t fall in love.

Then Rey is offered a position far from Lake Serene, and Echo is intrigued by the possibility of a position change that will allow her to deal more closely with wildlife. Her happiness can’t depend on her relationship with a man who doesn’t embrace these incredible mountains like she does.

A man who will soon leave Lake Serene.

*Previously titled: His Montana Rescue*