Book 2: Seasons Heartbeat

A woman in need of a future.
A man desperate to bury his past.

Realtor Alisha Hearne and her mutt Bruce are at the Lake Serene family cabin in Montana’s wilderness. With her parents dead and no siblings, she must decide whether to sell the antiquated structure or repair it. Despite painful memories, the lake and surrounding mountains speak to her need for renewal.

The Lake Serene resort represents one thing to plumber Nate Quaid—where he earns a living. He believes he’s immune to the mountains’ song. When his work here is finished he’ll move on as he’s done ever since a barred door unlocked years ago. He’ll take his secrets with him.

Then he acknowledges that the quiet, complex young woman needs his tools and expertise and steps beyond his self-imposed isolation. He’ll give her a hand, nothing else.

But Alisha senses a deeper side to the handsome, competent man, elements that speak to her lonely heart. Despite his vow not to let it happen, he feels the same draw.  

Surrounded by the wilderness, their emotional walls threaten to crumble. Can they live fully in today, deny their pasts?


For them, happy ever after is an unattainable fantasy.

*Previously titled Redeeming Her Montana Love*