Book 4: Seasons Heartbeat

A woman without roots or family. A man finally free.

As a member of the crew responsible for remodeling the Lake Serene resort, Terron Sax’s days are full of physical labor. For years he was responsible for others but can finally put himself first. He doesn’t want to hear about waitress Kolina Childs’ concern for the stray dog she calls Shadow. At the same time he can’t stop thinking about the independent woman. He’ll enjoy her company but keep his emotions locked away.

Kolina doesn’t know what she wants to do with her life, just that the longer she’s in the mountains, the more connected she feels to them. Terron is content in his skin, something she envies. She’ll talk to him about a homeless dog, wolf rumors, even their growing physical attraction. What she won’t do is let him get close to her heart.

Then an injury ends her waitressing days. Even though doing so brings up unwanted memories of his commitment to others, Terron understands her concerns for her future. He takes her in his arms, spends the night with her.  

By morning, fear swamps Kolina. The only man she ever loved died suddenly. She will not care deeply for Terron, will not be hurt again!

Then the mountain—or is it a wolf—takes Shadow. She needs Terron if she’s going to find the dog. 

Is he ready for this kind of responsibility?

Does he have a choice?

*Formally titled: Saved by the Montana Hero*