Four people gather to close their remote mountain cabins around Wolf Lake. For the brother and sister, these days offer them an opportunity to come to terms with their nightmarish upbringing and become true siblings. For the professional athlete, nothing matters beyond facing the end to his career and trying to find a purpose for the future. He brings with him a woman who shields her wounded heart beneath her perfect body. All see the late fall wilderness as a place of silence and serenity.

Then the ferocious storm hits, trapping them far from civilization. Whiteout is a battle for survival, of man against nature It also lays bare the complexity of human vulnerability, strength, and weakness. Who will survive the unrelenting storm and who will fall victim to forces beyond any human’s ability to control?

And as they fight for life, they’re watched by the restless, lonely spirit that knows what it means to battle and lose. Four humans reach Wolf Lake. Not all will live to leave it.