Book 3: Primal Justice Series

According to traditional Hopi belief, all life is sacred. Cruelty against innocent and helpless animals will be punished.

Niko Fox’s life changes the day three massive gray dogs compel her to follow them into the wilderness.

When she spots an emaciated mare and the mare’s foal, she rescues the helpless, trusting animals. Someone is responsible for the horses’ condition. Someone Niko vows will pay for their crime.

She wants nothing to do with fish and wildlife officer Darick Creech, but he too understands what the grays represent. As Niko’s commitment to justice becomes her driving force, Darick knows he must mend the rift between them to ensure her safety. There’s nothing personal between them, nothing to distract them from their dangerous goal. Or is there?

Niko’s search for answers leads her to an abused dog. As she struggles to save its life, the grays watch.

Niko is vital to the grays—and to the FORCE that rules their behavior. They need her.

Then, as Darick and Niko suspected would happen, the grays kill their first human.