Book 2: Primal Justice Series

According to traditional Hopi belief, all life is sacred. Cruelty against innocent and helpless animals will be punished.

Senseless killings or primal justice?
Whom or what are behind the acts?
And why?

When a poacher leaves a wounded elk cow to suffer, independent loner Mia Sandas makes the heart-wrenching decision to put it out of its misery. Before she’s forced to do the same to the cow’s orphaned calf so it won’t starve, a massive gray dog snaps the calf’s neck.

Unknown to Mia, this is the beginning of the greatest test of her courage. Despite her horror of what’s happening, innocent animals need her. As she reluctantly turns to Fish and Wildlife officer Jeff Julian, the gray and his companions continue to stalk animal abusers.

Jeff and Mia are drawn together as they seek understanding of what is taking place in the forested mountains. They have no choice but to acknowledge that the canines are committed to their brand of justice but what drives them?

Can the couple stop more bloodshed—and do they want to?