Winter Silence

Book 1: Gold Camp Dreams

Trust the heart? There’s no greater risk.

Nineteen year old Carrie Walsh was forced to marry George, a man she’ll never love. She had no choice but to accompany him to Eagle Canyon, an isolated gold camp set deep in California’s mountains. One thing keeps her from despair—the precious life inside her.

The loner known as Nevada sees Eagle Canyon as his future. He commits to making it through a brutal winter, trusting that spring will allow him to break free of his past.

Then George dies under mysterious circumstances. Suspicion centers around Nevada who was with him on that fatal day. As the investigation intensifies, Carrie fights her feelings for the too-quiet Nevada. As much as she wants him to be innocent, his refusal to defend himself makes her doubt everything, most of all her heart. Admitting she can’t trust his dark eyes and strong arms, she commits to supporting herself until spring thaw allows her to escape. But if she does, Nevada will have to fight for his freedom on his own—if he deserves it.