Summer Smoke

Book 2: Gold Camp Dreams

There’s no escaping their pasts.

Her determination to raise her two precious girls far from her shameful past brought Katharine Beechman to small, isolated Eagle Canyon where rugged men fight to wrestle gold from the earth. She wants nothing to do with mine manager Daniel Harman, but Daniel’s ingrained sense of responsibility extends to her daughters. He is convinced independent Katharine needs protecting, a role he vows to assume without involving his heart.

Despite her struggle to keep Daniel at arms’ length, Katharine can’t help but sense his loneliness. If she isn’t careful, he might realize what they have in common.

Protecting her heart finally forces Katharine to acknowledge she can’t escape her history after all. She’ll face those who know so much. What she has no defense against is her terror on the horrific day when she can’t find her daughters. Desperate, she begs Daniel for help.