About Vella

As a young girl living in an isolated mining/logging community in a Northern California forest, Vella divided her time between reading and exploring the wilderness. She can’t remember when she didn’t want to put words on paper. Her first work consisted of comic books showcasing a white stallion as the ‘hero’. Her younger sister wisely praised her efforts.

Later when Vella was waiting for a legit job to start, she filled her spare time writing an adventure tale about five mountain men. What she learned from that abortive effort is that having the men repeatedly be attacked by bears or get caught in blizzards wasn’t enough. Successful fiction needs characterization, plot, and conflict.

When her first child was born, she became a stay-at-home mom but because her baby was a lousy communicator. she wrote. And wrote some more. She remembers the day she sold her first fiction, that delirious dance around the living room with her son in her arms while tears streamed. Short stories evolved into romances for Harlequin, earning her twenty-two contracts and enough money to justify staying home. Then the need to stretch herself surfaced. When she shared her frustration, her then agent replied, “You live in a national historic landmark, write historicals.”

“But I’m not into history,” she protested. Still, the agent’s suggestion started her researching her area. What fascinated her weren’t settlers or gold miners but the Native Americans whose worlds were irrevocably changed by newcomers.

Traditional Native Americans saw the land, sky, sun, moon, trees, rivers, plains, and deserts as their souls. Because she’d grown up in the mountains, Vella understood on a deep level what resonated with the various tribes.

Almost all of Vella’s more than 50 fiction books speak to her love of nature. That love deeply impacted her many Native American historicals as well as her Montana Lakeside contemporary romance series and the stand alone romance called Death Chant. Hopi spirituality plays a role in her romantic suspense series Feral Justice.

Vella signed with Prairie Rose Publishing to breathe new life into some of her older romances and several of her Harlequin romances have been republished by Samhain.com as part of their Retro line.

She has also published a pile of erotic romances under a pen name.

Vella credits her grandfather, pioneering pulp fiction writer Homer Eon Flint with the need to write and is looking forward to soon seeing a number of his titles back in print.

She’s married, the mother of two sons, grandmother to four, and owned by two rescue dogs. She enjoys gardening and going for walks and hates shopping.