Book 1: Primal Justice Series


Were the killings justice or murder?
By whom—or what?

Comprehension rocks him when animal control officer Nate Chee spots three massive grey dogs near the savaged bodies of a couple of animal abusers.

Despite his horror of what was done to the so-called victims, Nate secretly believes justice has been exacted. His job has taught him that too many times cruel or neglectful owners don’t pay for their actions. This time was different.

Still, it was murder. He must inform law enforcement of where to look for the greys.

Now that she has returned to her roots in southern Oregon, teacher Rachelle Reams is thrilled to re-connect with her step-father, a former POW. Her only concern is Joe’s willingness to let the dogs he found on a Hopi reservation run free. She owes Joe so much, deeply loves the lonely old man.

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